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POM Hydro Energy Limited is a company that is in the business of hydroelectricity. This business was established as a result of a foray into the hydropower sector in 2006 by the parent company, Puri Oil Mills Limited. The entry into the hydropower sector began with the allotment of three projects in the Upper Kullu Valley and the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Later, two more plants were set up in Haryana. All these areas have abundant water resources and the flow is perennial.

Message from CMD

As a company, Puri Oil Mills Limited (the parent company of POM Hydro Energy Limited) has always adopted contemporary best practices, innovation and technology. It has always moved with the times. It was, in fact, this very outlook that enabled the company to take the right step of diversifying into the Hydropower Sector, anticipating the global energy demand. The foray into hydropower generation proved to be both lucrative as well as a robust business decision.

The experience of commissioning three micro hydropower projects, gaining competence in both run-of-the-river and irrigation canals in the process, was invaluable. We realized that we had repaid most of our debt. Our bottom lines grew and so did our confidence and we decided to move away from micro to small projects and were allotted a 14MW project at Uhl in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.



The project commissioned on 30 September, 2011, is canal-based and generates 1.40MW. The project cost is Rs 18.41 crore. Long term PPA @ Rs 3.67 per unit with HPPC.


The project commissioned on 17 June, 2011, is canal-based and generates 1.40MW. The project cost is Rs 16.87 crore. Long term PPA @ Rs 3.67 per unit with Haryana Power Purchase Centre (HPPC).


The project commissioned on February 22, 2012, is run-of-river based and generates 2.00MW power. The project cost is Rs 19.79 crore. Long term PPA @ Rs 2.95 per unit with Himachal Pradesh Board.



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POM Hydro Energy Ltd (the Company) was originally incorporated as a Public Company under the Companies Act, 1956 (Old Act) with the Registrar of Companies..

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